The European Court of Human Rights

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    “Russia ordered to compensate chess grandmaster (and Putin critic) Garry Kasparov over protest arrest” states Lebedev junior’s London Independent.


    I wonder if the Russian government will pay?

    Is the Russian government, in fact, legally obliged to pay?

    What would happen if the Russian government said to the ECHR: “Fuck you!” – or words to that effect?

    What are the legal powers that the ECHR actually possesses?

    What legal powers do supra-national organs such as the ECHR really have and, more importantly, what means of coercion do they have in order that their decisions be implemented?

    If Russia ignored the Strasbourg court decision, what would be the reaction of the world policeman – the launching of a cruise missile targeted at the Kremlin or Putin’s state dacha?

    Is the ECHR and other similar "authorities" just "all mouth and trousers"?

    UK prime minister “Just-Call-Me-Dave” Cameron recently stated at the British Conservative Party annual conference that Britain may need to withdraw from European Convention on Human Rights.

    It seems that judgments handed out by the ECHR are often not well favoured by the "powers that be" in the UK.

    As regards the sniggering Kasparov shown in the Independent article linked above, I well remember a former colleague of mine, a US citizen newly arrived in Russia, saying to me in raptures how “awesome” it would be if “Gary” were president of Russia.

    She was very young and was one of those short contract “been there, seen it, done it" types.

    She was also, in my opinion, clueless as regards what the vast majority of Russians think of Garik Kimovich Weinstein.

    Or maybe she was a chess fan?
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