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    (1) First of all, study the Russia Resources and Russian Media Resources pages, as they have a TON of very useful links to blogs, newspapers, and information resources covering all aspects of Russian politics.

    (2) For an introduction to the theory of the Kremlin Clans, read my translation of the introduction to Vladimir Privylovsky's book on the personalities of Russian politics, Phantom Tandem, Real Triumvirate and the Kremlin Clan Wars. We have also, together with Kevin Rothrock, produced a series of charts summarizing that information here. If you are interested, his (obviously Russian language) website is here.

    Note also that according to some analysts clans have become a lot less significant post-2012.

    Vladimir Putin’s Big Government and the “Politburo 2.0” [PDF] by Evgeny Minchenko.

    (3) Two excellent introductory articles to Russian politics:
    (4) Natalia Zubarevich's theory of the Four Russias.

    (5) On the statistical evidence for (and against, but mostly for) systemic fraud in Russian elections.

    (6) Books:
    • The Crisis of Russian Democracy by Richard Sakwa
    • Virtual Politics by Andrew Wilson
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