Russian opposition nails itself by the balls

Discussion in 'Russian Politics' started by José Moreira, Nov 12, 2013.

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    This performance works better as an allegory of Russian Opposition, a summary of their long history of self-defeat, collective humiliation and militant navel-gazing.

    I image how other world leaders envy Putin! Obama has to send the IRS after the Tea Party. Erdogan must keep the riot police working overtime. Kim Jong-un must execute even jaywalkers to stay in power. Assad can only hope for more years of war. Hollande... well, nothing can save Hollande now. And Putin... his opponents nail themselves by the balls! How does he do it?
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    I read an article in a Russian newspaper the other day that suggested that the scrotum nailing was a hoax, in that no bleeding was visible whilst the "artist" was performing "bollock naked" on Red Square, leading one doctor commentator to voice the suspicion that the scrotum had already been pierced.

    I should add that in my opinion the "artist" looks like the sort of person that goes in for body piercing, especially of one's intimate parts; he's some kind of junky weirdo-masochist, for sure.

    But the main thing pointed out by several readers of the newspaper article about which I write, which article I have so far failed to find since I last read it, is that this "artist" undertook his performance naked in a public place where children must have surely been present, the "artists" genitals and their display being an integral part of his creative work - but no matter: ars gratia artis as Messrs. Goldwyn and Meyer would have said.

    All this so-called artistry just to show what a vile and repulsive society we all have to suffer here under the Evil One's tyranny.

    I suppose that's why the darling of the artistic chattering classes of the West, Tolokonnikova, fornicated in a public place as well.

    What intellectual anguish must that poor girl have been suffering that she felt she had to debase herself so publicly in order to draw the world's attention to the repulsive nature of the Russian regime!
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