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    (1) The main forum here is for discussing the Russian media: Russian journalists, the "freedom" (or lack thereof) they have in Russia, and the coverage, editorial policies, financial status, and social significance of newspaper, TV, radio, Internet, and other media outlets.

    (2) There is a separate forum for discussing the Russian blogosphere - Navalny, Kononenko, etc. - and the Internet in Russia more generally (e.g. penetration rates).

    (3) The third forum is for discussing foreign journalists in Russia, their challenges and privileges, and whether they do an adequate job of conveying the intricacies of Russia to their home audiences.

    (4) A few lists featuring a politically diverse selection of Russia's most significant media outlets and bloggers:

    List of Russian Media
    • Argumenty i Fakty:
    • Bolshoi Gorod:
    • Echo of Moscow:
    • Ezhednevny Zhurnal:
    • Izvestia:
    • Kommersant:
    • Komsomolskaya Pravda:
    • Moskovsky Komsomolets:
    • Moskovskie Novosti:
    • Nezavisimaya Gazeta:
    • New Times:
    • Novaya Gazeta:
    • Novye Izvestia:
    • NTV:
    • RBK Daily:
    • Rossiyskaya Gazeta:
    • Slon:
    • Telegrafist:
    • Trud:
    • Vedomosti:
    • Vzglyad:
    • To be expanded...
    List of Russian TV Channels
    • Channel One Russia
    • Dozhd TV
    • NTV
    • REN TV
    • Russia 1
    • TNT
    List of Russian Bloggers
    • Hell: Blogger who (in)famously hacked Navalny's emails. [patriot]
    • Maxim Kononenko's blog about Russian politics and other stuff. [neutral]
    • Oleg Kozlovsky: Fairly prominent liberal opposition activist. [liberal]
    • Navalny: Blog of Russia's foremost non-systemic oppositionist revealing official corruption. [liberal]
    • PoliTrash: Prominent anti-liberal blogger with many juicy exposes. [patriot]
    • Nikolai Starikov: Prominent exponent of Russian conservatism. [patriot]
    • Sergey Zhuravlev: One of the best "technocratic" bloggers, esp. on Russian economic matters.
    • To be expanded...
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