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    Rules? I don't think we need anything beyond the standard ones.

    Now for Russian economy resources:
    • RBK Daily is Russia's foremost financial news website. For more in-depth coverage and analysis, consult Vedomosti (liberal slant) or (patriot slant). They are in Russian.
    • Sdelanounas [ru] has aily coverage of developments in Russian manufacturing. Has patriotic slant (lit. means "made by us - we have much to be proud of") but this is understandable as liberals and commies are typically of the opinion that Russia doesn't manufacture much beyond oil and gas anyway. Unfortunately, its English language version is hardly ever updated.
    • Sergey Zhuravlev has possibly the best Russian language blog on the economy. He also writes for Expert. For Francophones, Jacques Sapir's Russeurope blog is recommended.
    • The World Bank has excellent bi-yearly reports on the Russian economy.
    • The Financial Times' Beyond Brics blog is one of the best English language resources on the Russian (and EM) economies out there.
    • Kenneth Rapoza's BRICS blog at Forbes (but mostly about Brazil).
    • The single best English language blog on Russia's economy is possibly Ben Aris' Diki Kapitalism blog at The Moscow Times. Unfortunately, rarely updated. He also writes for BNE, an excellent resource on the economies of Eastern Europe, but unfortunately most of their material is behind a pay-wall.
    • Eric Kraus, a Moscow-based financier, issues a newsletter called Truth and Beauty (... and Russian Finance) every month few months now. Highly incisive, brashly unconventional, and entertaining - and unreservedly recommended.
    Please write to the Veche forum or contact us if you find a great resource to add to this list.
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