Russia and Russians in the Eyes of Hollywood

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    How about this analysis for starters:

    Россия Чужой Взгляд №1. Русские девушки глазами иностранце
    (Russia As Seen By Outsiders №1: Russian girls in the eyes of foreigners)

    I was going to translate it, but for those who have little or no command of Russian, I still think the message is clear.

    By the way, the lead-role actress, Olga Kurylenko, who plays the prostitute junky "Russian" in the film "Max Payne" discussed in the clip above, though born in the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1979, moved to Paris when she was 16 years old in order to pursue her modelling career there. She is a French citizen and only started her acting career in 2005.

    The other film discussed in the clip - "Hitman" - also stars Kurylenko, playing - you've guessed it! - a prostitute, but this time one not by choice: she is sex slave to the sadistic and extremely evil Russian president Belikov, who in his spare time loves flogging naked girls to within an inch of their lives before an appreciative audience of his sidekicks.

    President Belikov's brother "Yudri" earns his crust by dealing in weapons, narcotics and "slave girls".

    Oh yes! And all the Russian bad guys call each other "tovarishch", naturally.

    (Last time I heard that word used non-cynically by a Russian was over 20 years ago in Voronezh and by a man who was old enough to have been an "Old Bolshevik" himself.)

    "Hitman" was shot in Bulgaria and features a scene showing " Central Rail Station St. Petersburg", which station doesn't exist: the scene shot of "Central Rail Station - St. Petersburg" shows the Kievsky Railway Terminus, Moscow.
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