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    I am sure that most of you are aware of It is a great source of information on all characters large and small in Russian politics, business, etc. My question is who is behind all that research and work? Couldn't be just one man. It rivals what an intelligence agency would collect in regards to "open-source intelligence". Maybe some sort of cutout for some intelligence operation? It is definitely aimed at Western readers.

    Yes, the U.S. has a history of creating public websites for its own use.
    "He said that he and Eason Jordan, a former television news executive, had been hired by the military to run a public Web site to help the government gain a better understanding of a region that bedeviled them."

    By the way, I always wondered how Robert Young Pelton was able to get into places that other journalists couldn't. Now we seem to know that he was/is more than just a independent journalist. I can remember how he was always hanging out with Chechen Jihadists. I could never figure out how he did that. Seems like he had the right handlers ;)

    Some more information on the site:"MTI

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