Programmers or motorways?

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    Dvorkovich rejects infrastructure investment as a route to growing the Russian economy. I disagree. The transport infrastructure, for example, is very poor. New airports, roads and railways will improve general productivity for generations to come. Putting villages on POTS, the fixed line telephone system, is an incomplete task! Dvorkovich is right that technical innovation will produce growth but there are millions of moderately skilled people whose productivity will improve with better transport (see above), a white van of their own, better access to internet/IT/Power user computer skills, training in modern trade skills. If you are making a greenfield investment, timely access to electricity, water, sewage and gas is unpredictable. Mostly because of weak infrastructure not corruption. (West Europeans find the delays unbelievable). Unless barriers to ordinary (for the West) productivity for artisans are removed, all the software engineers and opto-electronics in the world won't help. Do you think Dvorkovich is missing something here.? Is this simply justifying what Medvedev plans to do anyway? What can the state do to invest in technology anyway? Skolkovo is not going to feed Russia, even if it succeeds.{DDAD4D9B-7F26-4508-9643-ACA11AA5C9D9}.uif

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