Greeks economic situation is worse than Syrian civil war

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    This was just mind blowing to see that, i mean here you have the numbers what the media tries to portray as bloody civil war the whole time almost a year now was nothing in comparison to greeks situation the whole time. Syrias economy despite having no data for the year 2011 was able to grow both nominal and in purchasing power. While greece in both years 2011 and 2012 went down so did portugal. Yes for wasting two years increasing to 10-14 billion dollars isnt that much, but the fact that syria grew at all in a situation of civil war and turmoil is just mind blowing. Well how is this possible?

    they are probably 3 explanations which could account all of them simultaneously

    - assad is truly a good leader and is able to hold stability in this country despite the arabs, turkey and the west trying to destabilize his country and therefor its economy.

    - foreign funding, the west, saudis and quatari are able to fund the rebel side and therefor partly the economy.

    - civil war brings maybe more competition and getting people to be more productive. I have heard the flood catastrophe now in germany despite doing a lot of damage maybe even results into some economic growth because people are spending more, more people need to react to the money and getting engaged with ideas, the goverment is spending as well. Especially since the houses who were damaged belonged to upper class and middle class people who rather save something than spent. Now in a civil this is maybe even more so as people fight for different sides and want to getting other people on their side which might increase the productivity. The damage needs constantly be repaired and people probably spent all the money to be saver instead saving it up.

    Obviously war is never good to boost your economy, see america under bush. And you cant say what is worse as syria lost 90 thousand people (tough several people in greece and else where in austerity driven europe took their lifes since the crisis).

    But the fact remains that syria was able to grow despite having civil war and greece and other european countries werent able. It just shows the hypocrisify of the european media they all focus on syria all the time while their own countries have it worse than syria. How you explain that greeks and portugese and other europeans have to go trough austerity to pay their debt while brussel and european politicians who have the money waste it to arm the rebels only because syria has it ''worse'' than europe under assad?

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