British High Court Throws Out Pavel Karpov's Libel Suit

Discussion in 'International Politics' started by MarkPavelovich, Oct 14, 2013.

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    Perhaps I should not be surprised, but the British courts have stuck with their adopted native son, Bill Browder, and thrown out Karpov’s libel suit as “an abuse of the court process”. Seeming to deliberately misunderstand the whole purpose of the libel suit, Mr. Justice Peregrine Simon claimed to see a “degree of artificiality” in Karpov’s “trying to protect his reputation in Britain”, and pointed out that the action would not likely have gotten his name removed from the Magnitsky List. Nice one, Peregrine, at a single clever stroke legitimizing the Magnitsky List as an instrument of international law, and pretending that removal of his name from it was Karpov’s purpose when in fact it was punishing Browder for having libelled him without proof.

    How much did that one set you back, Bill?

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